Thanks for the information and links for the Windows 7 drivers. Many hardware manufacturers do not support an operating system while it is still in beta. Office Office Exchange Server. Now, he really needs the touch screen more than most, as he had his arm blown off by a bomb in lebanon and without the touchscreen it really slows him down as you can imagine. Hi Demetrio Windows 7 provides the extensibility for Touch enabled devices, but the drivers are the resposibility of the hardware maker.

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You may have to run the setup in compatibility mode. Select the “Click Mode” tab and change the selection box on the right to “Interactive Touch”.

Did LG say that they will not support this monitor in the future with Windows 7 drivers? A licensed, full production version overcomes this restriction.

Works with vista and xp. Office Office Exchange Server. It has a universal driver, might do the trick. Seb Can you toucj me link for download?

LG L1510SF-SV User Manual Page 6

Install the drivers and plug in your monitor. For those of you trying to get your screen to work on Lg l1510sf touch screen 7 with multi-monitors and having problems, this seemed to work l15100sf us. Sign in to vote. Ive used heaps of these but never taken a copy of the drivers No touch screen driver.


Should you need to purchase licensed versions direct from Touch-Base more information is available here.

I have tried lg l1510sf touch screen single file and none of the drivers work. Here is a link to that website: I have been told that it is a program that needs to be installed. Unfortunately they haven’t released any Vista 7 drivers as of yet, but the monitor should still be plug and play.

For Lg l1510sf touch screen and older Full version members. That did not work. These instructions assume you’ve downloaded the drivers in the post above. Hello, I have the same monitor LG flatron lsf with same problem, just want to post my solution, eather you’ll have to use the old driver from LG or use the new one from touch-base, found on guruht.

See other software build below. Now lg l1510sf touch screen right-click simply hold down you finger or pen on the screen, an animation should start swirling round your pointer and the menu will popup. They should also have the instructions for installing those drivers.


LG LSF-SV User Manual (Page 6 of 20)

I’m bringing this thread back to life because I have the same problem. The problem is that the install files of version 1.

This was done for the following reasons. I’m doing this as a favour and not charging an hourly rate or anything. If you have other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again either via email, or by calling our customer service sdreen at lg l1510sf touch screen your touuch.

If anyone’s still looking It isn’t a universal driver, download the file and open it with winrar and there are folders lg l1510sf touch screen each monitor model.

LG L1510SF Touch Screen Free Driver Download

Now it’s time for Windows 8. I tried emailing LG but got no response. Thank you, this saved my life. I have managed to get this device working in Windows 8 by installing the latest drivers from www.