You can copy without any interaction from the computer, however, via the one-touch button on the top of the unit. CNET Labs clocked the P’s print and copy speeds at somewhere in the middle of the pack and its scans near the head of the pack. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Black — up to If you inset your digital camera memory card containing pictures, all that will happen is either iPhoto will launch, or the card will show up on your desktop. However, the scanner glass is tilted enough so that small or lightweight documents slide across the glass.

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Yes, the HP cost twice as much, but it is twice the printer. The company pays shipping both ways for repairs. If you need a printer that can print directly from your digital camera, or at least the media card, take a look at the more costly, but much more feature rich, HP PhotoSmart PSC All-in-One.

Faxing, however, requires a computer. Another convenience is the removable scanner lid, which makes it possible to scan and copy bulky documents. This printer has a hard time rendering subtle colors in general and makes most colors too bright. The Pprintrio Photo in both color and black to be one of the slowest printers I have used in a few years.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Best Printers for See All. Main Page and Saved Images share a set of tools for printing images in poster pritnrio, grouping several images on one page, and a few similar features.

Lexmark PrinTrio P review: Lexmark PrinTrio P – CNET

Black — up to In fact, the PrinTrio Photo cannot fax priintrio on its own, and faxes using software. There are some things I always look for, such as ease of use in set-up, how well the printer works with my Mac, and all the new features the manufacturer uses to sell their product. The PrinTrio P excels in one image quality test: We delete comments that violate our policypboto we encourage you to read. Discuss Lexmark PrinTrio P The P doesn’t have an LCD or onboard menus, which explains why you’ll need your PC to print from flash-memory cards.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Using a media reader to transfer photos from a media card will save wear and tear on your camera, and prevent your batteries from going dead as quickly.

The video game that helped me understand my grandma’s dementia. It gave color images rough texture and abrupt printrrio between shades, while some colors didn’t look as rich as they should have. HP PSC Review Sections Review Specs.

This is a good thing. As stated above, the card reader there are four slots located on the front of the PrinTrio Photo only acts as a reader, with no interaction with any print capability.


How your privacy gets cooked by those restaurant waitlist apps. Do you need a printer with a built-in media reader?

Lexmark P3150 Printrio Photo All-in-one Inkjet Printer Scanner Copy Mf115

The one-year warranty comes with toll-free tech support available weekdays from 9 a. While nothing has jumped out at me with the PrinTrio Photo, I would recommend this unit only to those on a budget with multiple media card requirements. You can either scan by pushing a button on the PrinTrio Photo itself, or control all the scanning via the Lexmark software. The P uses three ink cartridges but only two at a time: And it posterized grayscale images, reducing the number of shades of gray to convert some highlight areas into solid white and some shadow areas into solid black.

It prints text at a bearable 4. Other software includes Memory Card Formatter, a utility that prepares new flash-memory cards in the printer’s card reader slots, and Memory Card Manager, a separate utility for copying images from cards to your computer.

Is this a compelling enough reason for you to buy the unit?