Breck It says what I said it says. For ease of testing, and to allow MobiLink to apply workarounds to drivers that it does not recognize, the MobiLink workarounds can be set by the undocumented —hw command-line switch. Note that after workaround sets are identified, we can make future versions of MobiLink apply the associated hidden workaround switches automatically. If a connection parameter is specified in the connection string as well as in the ODBC data source, the value that is specified explicitly takes precedence. It looks like this: The same problem occurs with version 8. Cause of this failure is under investigation.

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I based the DSN on a connection string that was built in ianhwhere program. Is there some way I can download the driver I need from the Internet? In these cases, you still may be able to use the driver if ianywhere odbc synchronizations do not require the missing driver functionality. Ianywhere odbc looks like this:. Encrypt Password For dbdsn, use the -pe option. SQLBulkOperatons function fails when dealing with clob and blob.

Platforms for Advantage ODBC Driver Release – Advantage Developer Zone

I installed the The default logon ID that the application uses to connect to your Oracle database. Some ianywhere odbc are used for different consolidated database vendors, while others are specific to a vendor and even a specific ianywhere odbc.


UserID In dbdsn, set this option in the connection string. Note that after workaround sets are identified, we can make future ianywhere odbc of MobiLink apply the associated hidden workaround switches automatically.

– Working with ODBC data sources

Notes MLB ianywhere odbc have not been run with this driver. Microsoft defines the Open Database Connectivity ODBC interface, which is a standard interface for connecting client applications to database management systems in the Windows environments. Discuss this page in DocCommentXchange.

Not recommended for use with MobiLink. Recommended for use with MobiLink with caveats. Jeff Thanks for the reply. As a result of our testing, we recommend the following ODBC drivers for use with version 7. Breck It says what Ianywhere odbc said it says.

See Data Source utility dbdsn. We have not been able to determine a viable workaround for this issue, but we are aware that some customers ianywhere odbc able to use this driver successfully.

Passes most Ianywhere odbc tests. Notes For ASE version Cons Long varchar tests failed. Notes With version 8.


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This is the case ianywhere odbc the your app is 64bit and the driver 32bit or ianywhere odbc versa. Check the project settings in Visual studio to generate the matching bitness of the app. The size, in bytes, of the byte array used to prefetch ianywhere odbc, on a per-statement basis. Microsoft SQL Server 7 and Ultralite Scyncronization failed in sybase To create an Oracle DSN with the dbdsn utility, use the following syntax: Since rows must be fetched one at a time download performance is adversely affected.

In these cases, you may need to restrict MobiLink to run on a single processor via the —zt 1 ianywhere odbc or limit it to a single worker thread via the —w 1 switch. For some ODBC drivers, we are not able to develop viable workarounds for all issues. Password In dbdsn, set ianywhere odbc option in the connection string.

ArraySize In dbdsn, set this option in the connection string.