May be used to automatically create the database tables see the OSGi spec. To debug any issues related to the Persistence or the Client project bundle deployment or activation, do the following steps:. The name of the persistence unit that this configuration relates to. The JPA facet adds some nice features to the project such as generating a persistence. The configurations can be run with:

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The latest release of EclipseLink that is compatible with this is version: The name of the dataSource that will be created description: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Hibernate EntityManager project implements the programming interfaces and lifecycle rules as defined by the JPA 2. The client bundle OSGi configuration is represented below maven-bundle-plugin configuration — Listing 5.

Listing eclipelink shows a list of configuration bundles. When should I use this module? The port number to use roleName: JPA provider features e. Persistence Unit and Persistence Provider.


Tutorial: Using JPA in an OSGi Environment

Sample code to do it like this:. The configurations can be run with: In App Platform, this project is the one that will contain your Entity classes and persistence.

The time in milliseconds before an idle connection is eligible to be closed. Second I think there is a feature around for installing the eclipse-link bundles. There are three broadly-known JPA open-source providers in the market:.

It failed with some class loading exception. It also supports JPA 2.

It is therefore possible to directly create JPA resources using factory configurations. The problem is that the Export-Package clause of exlipselink bundle only exposes the org.

Email Required, but never shown. There are three broadly-known JPA open-source providers in the market: So the following jar is required: I should mention that this model is a simple structure of two classes Student and Group — Listing 1 that are linked to each other in one-too-many bi-directional way. Increase the App Platform component log level. The target filter to use when searching for an EntityManagerFactoryBuilder.


If false then resource creation will fail osgi. All configuration properties apart from the database password will be registered as properties of the JPAEntityManagerProvider service. Used to locate the DataSourceFactory service if the aries.

Tutorial: Using JPA in an OSGi Environment – JAXenter

Download the derby archive and deploy the derbyclient. The application is integrated into OSGi frameworks console commands with universal shell adapters.

Beware, it has an additional dependency eeclipselink the Java transaction API. Might want to take a look at it to get the right bundles aligned.

In particular it is a good idea to avoid putting any database configuration in the persistence unit. These properties can be used to select a ResourceProvider if more than one is present in the Service Registry.