Migrating to Another Database. By default, we use the new style URL provided by the thin driver. You will need to reinstate them manually. With this type of connection, Confluence asks the application server Tomcat for your database connection information. Database setup for MySQL. Yes No It wasn’t accurate. Due to licensing constraints, Oracle drivers are not bundled with Confluence.

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If you are migrating Jira to another servercreate an export of your data as an XML backup. In the example above, this is confluenceuser. The Atlassian Community is here for you. To oraacle your database driver available to Confluence:.

Due to licensing restrictions, we’re not able to bundle an Oracle driver with Confluence.

This driver is deprecated. We recommend that you use the bundled JDBC 4 driver. Open a command prompt and run config. For backwards compatibility, the property driverName is also recognized.

Database JDBC Drivers – Atlassian Documentation

This guide covers how to configure a JNDI datasource connection to your database. The Confluence setup wizard will only provide an option to use a datasource if it detects one in your Tomcat configuration. Database Configuration Supported Platforms.

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Fill out the fields, as described in the Database connection fields section below. If you have already got part-way through the Confluence Conffluence Wizard, stop at the database setup step and follow the steps below. If you decide to use a later version, we confpuence not be able to provide support for any problems you encounter.

Confluence Support

Powered by Confluence and Scroll Viewport. Start Confluence, and go to the Confluence Setup Wizard in your browser. Yes No It wasn’t accurate.

If you’d prefer to use a JDBC connection see the guide for your database: Powered by Confluence and Scroll Viewport. Yes No Iracle wasn’t accurate.

How to find Confluence’s database connection parameters – Atlassian Documentation

We recommend that you grant the exact privileges indicated above to the user instead. You must add the ‘ as sysdba ‘ or ‘ as sysoper ‘ option if you are logging in udbc the user ‘ sys ‘. This is the username of your dedicated database user. Related content No related content found.

The command completed successfully. Adding your database driver MySQL and Oracle The Confluence setup wizard will stop you at the Database configuration step if it can’t find an appropriate driver for the oraacle you select. Related content No related content found. Please refer to it for the workaround. Database setup for MySQL. HibernateException] is not allowed.

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By default, the user is “oracle”:. You should have created this in Step 1 above.

If you forget to do these steps, Confluence will not start up after upgrade and you’ll see the following error:. For example, assuming that you are running Confluence on the same server as the Oracle database, with the above lsnrctl status output, you would use one ooracle the following URLs:. The Atlassian Community is here for you. We recommend using the thin drivers only.