On the Speaker tab you can select a speaker set configuration. I use this card with a bit Exceeds pc: Everything seems to be fine on external speakers. This afternoon or evening I’ll fire up Morrowind and see what happens. Oct 13, Posts: Aug 16, Posts: According to the reviews linked at the top, overall sound quality is what you would expect it to be for this card.

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Just listening to music I’ve noticed nothing. Once I had the PCI card tightly seated, driver installation went without a hitch. Definitely handy for programs that shy away from hotkeying every function.

Terratec Aureon Universe Problem

You can use it in any program at any time, and you can program every button to have a specific task depending on what program currently has focus. This isn’t a review so much as just impressions since I haven’t had the card for very long univeres there are a ton of things I simply haven’t had the need to check.

Grigory Liadov grigory ixbt. The length of time this is displayed can be adjusted, although unfortunately not in the fractions of seconds range. In addition, I called once to check on the status of my wureon and wasn’t hassled.


TerraTec Aureon 7.1 Universe – Sound card – 24-bit – 192 kHz – 7.1 – PCI – 5.25″ Series

Thu Jun 17, 8: That sound is important because the IR receiver, located on the breakout box, doesn’t seem that great. Great features and good sound, but fills a narrow niche Great features and good sound, but fills a narrow niche by Ty Pendlebury.

Jan 22, Posts: Request a new review. Ignoring the fact that I don’t have covers for my beige drives, I think it looks pretty good.

User reviews: Terratec Aureon Universe – Audiofanzine

Probably, it’s a contribution of the drivers. At the moment of testing we used drivers v5. The breakout box goes into a 5.

That’s all just speculation, obviously. On the website there is a set of beta drivers available which have thus far not given me either problem. Sat Jun 12, If you prefer high-quality sound, forget about PC speakers and consider pro-audio acoustics or brand-name magnetically shielded consumer electronic speakers. The detailed results for the digital interface for 16 bits 44 kHz are here. Aurron noise spectrogram in case of recording from the line-in demonstrates even and odd harmonics of the power-supply noise Mode of operation: Taking a stab in the dark, I would guess that the portion of the drivers for the functions on the PCI board i.


In other words, I now have an excuse to buy new headphones, yqy me! Gaming by Lori Grunin Arueon 13, I haven’t touched on a lot of areas, but thus far, the only really serious negative mark for the Universe is the somewhat unpredictable state of its drivers.

Solsman Dec 12, But it seems probable to me that this is intended to be a unified driver set for their Envy24HT cards once some of the weirder kinks get worked out of the Universe.

The Space and the Sky models are based on the Envy24HT chip and differ only in the number of analog outputs. If neither was started by the remote it looks like one of them is selected by default, but I’m not sure what the criterion is. The manual is simple, complete, the limit could be almost same without it.

Aug 30, Posts: I bought this card to his cot “all in one”: Once I had everything laid out I was kinda surprised by how much stuff was there I wouldn’t need!